Basic Woodworking

Five Day Basic Course $1000.00

Ten Day Basic Course $1800.00

This course is a thorough introduction to woodworking, with a focus on traditional hand skills. Participants range from beginners to more experienced woodworkers who want to improve their craftsmanship.

Oddly enough, the first thing we’ll do is metal working – sharpening of chisels, plane irons and scrapers, using water stones and diamond stones and grinders.  Then we’ll put those sharp tools to work flattening and squaring a board by hand, and with machines.  Then its onto basic joinery – mortis and tenon and dovetails primarily.   We’ll then use those skills to build a project of your choosing.

We’ll do a lot of work with handplanes.  Besides sharpening, the student will learn the anatomy of a plane and what different ones are for. The course includes instruction in the safe use of power tools such as the table saw, jointer, planer, and band saw. Through daily lectures and demonstrations, skills such as lumber selection, milling, joinery, scraping, sanding, assembly, and finishing will be addressed. 

The ten day course will get into cabinetmaking, such as working with sheet goods to build frameless and faceframed cabinets with drawers and doors for kitchen and bath. We’ll discuss the different types of material available, methods of construction and hardware.

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