2 hours $50.00

Are you tired of trying to use dull chisels and hand planes?  Most people don’t use these tools effectively because they don’t know how to sharpen them or don’t even realize just how sharp they need to be!  Many beginning woodworkers are sucked into the advertising for the latest and greatest jig to use when in fact, sharpening any chisel or plane iron is a simple and quick process that does not require a whole bunch of expensive and time consuming equipment.  This class will focus on basic sharpening techniques by hand.  We will discuss the pros and cons of many sharpening systems and honing guides.  As a added bonus, sharpening a card scraper will also be demonstrated.  Bring along a few chisels or plan irons.  You will have time to try out the techniques.  This class will cover sharpening of basic woodworking tools like chisels, plane irons, scrapers, and scribing tools. We will discuss the different methods of sharpening and will sue the diamond stones and water stones to bring your tools to razor sharpness.

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