Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more frequently asked questions about the the Clary Lake Woodworking School and what to expect when you sign up for a class. If you have any questions that aren’t on this list, please feel free to use our Contact Form and send them to us. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

  1. What tools will I need to bring with me?
  2. What does the listed class tuition price include?
  3. How do I get the wood for my project?
  4. Are meals included in the price?
  5. What kind of overnight accommodations are available?
  6. Will I need a car during my stay?
  7. How do I get my project home?
  8. What is there to do in Maine when I’m not working in the shop?
  9. What are the hours for class and shop time?
  10. What are the size of the classes?
  11. Where is your school located?


1. What tools will I need to bring with me: Most of the Tools needed for your class will be available for your use here at the school,   however, you are highly encouraged to bring your own set of hand tools.  The following is a list of tools that will be needed during your class: Chisels (set of 4 Marples); Square (4″ – 6″ Combination Square; 6″ rule; relable tape measure. Return to top

2. What does the listed class tuition price include: The tuition includes the instruction, copies of templates, use of shop facilities and equipment.  Unless specified otherwise, the tuition does not include the cost of the project wood. Return to top

3. How do I get the wood for my project:  For the woodworker, choosing lumber is a very personal process. Because there is such a wide range of species and grades of lumber, this decision is best left fo each student to make.  Therefore, you will be responsible to supply the lumber for your own project.  Rick, will be more than happy to assist you in this process.  If transportation of the lumber is impractical you may choose to drop ship it directly to the school or purchase some of the stock Rick has on hand.  There are many distributors locally to choose from and delivery is an option at the school.  These options will require plenty of notice to ensure that your wood is available and here on time for the class. Return to top

4. Are meals included in the price: Each day a continental breakfast of fresh bakery items, fruit, coffee, tea, and juice will be available before the start of class at Clary Lake Bed and Breakfast.  If you are staying at the inn the breakfast is part of the room fee.  If you are staying elsewhere and want the breakfast there is a $4.00 fee each meal.  Lunches will be on your own and there is space to store lunch makings supplies.  Students are on their own for dinner meals.  No lunches or dinners are provided.  Wonderful restaurants are available as close as five minutes away and many within thirty minutes from the school.  Option run the gamut from the favorite hold-in-the-wall joint, lobster and seafood shacks serving fresh seafood and creative gourmet restaurants with a very diverse menu just a few minutes away. Return to top

5. What kind of overnight accommodations are available: Clary Lake Bed and Breakfast is on the same property as the school ( a short stroll to the workshop.  There are double guest rooms available with room fees between $75.00 (shared bath) and $85.00 (private bath).  Enjoy a smoke-free environment in our home and shop.  Within five to fifteen minutes there are two more inns,  Blueberry Fields B & B (207-446-2407) and Damariscotta Lake Farms (207-549-6088). Return to top

6. Will I need a car during my stay: Although Rick can arrange to pick students up at Portland Jetport, it is highly recommended that students arrive by air, rent a car for the duration of the class.  Public transportation is not available and students are on their own for lunches and dinners, which could range from a quick five minute drive to half an hour away.  If two or more individual students flying into the same airport express interest in sharing the cost of a car rental, Rick can put them in contact with one another before the class, to make arrangements together. Return to top

7. How do I get my project home: For those unable to transport their items home in their own personal vehicle, shipping is an important part of the experience.  We want you to return home safely with your new piece of furniture.  Depending on the class and the time available, we will help pack and arrange for safe transport home, however, you will be responsible for the actual shipping contract and payment arrangements. Return to top

8. What is there to do in Maine when I’m not working in the shop: Jefferson and Whitefield as well as mid-coast Maine are such beautiful areas, filled with so much to do, that you wish you were here for much longer than the weeks of the class.  With any extra time you might enjoy hiking local trails, fishing in Clary Lake, Damariscotta Lake, or Sheepscott River.  Boating, horseback riding, biking, exploring coastal towns, beaches, light houses, boat yards, art museums, and galleries are just to name a few of the many wonderful local options. Return to top

9. What are the hours for class and shop time: The classes will generally run from 9am to 5pm. The shop will be open most evenings for any students who may need extra time.  The shop will be closed on Sunday and we encourage you to use the day to enjoy the beautiful Maine Mid-Coast surroundings and activities.  Information about interesting events, day trips, as well as local churches will be available. Return to top

10. What are the size of the classes: Small class sizes – We’re not the largest woodworking school around and that is a big advantage for you!  Remember the big and impersonal classes that med in auditoriums.  Instead, we accept individuals or small groups of people in each of our woodworking classes and workshop space to ensure that you’ll receive plenty of personalized attention and instruction.

11. Where is your school located: The Clary Lake Woodworking School and the Clary Lake Bed and Breakfast are both located on property of Rick and Linda Gallion located at 777 Gardiner Road, Jefferson Maine 04348. For specific information and directions, see our Maps and Directions page.

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